Silver AVR Award – New Features!

We wanted to let you know about some exciting updates to the Silver level of our popular Accredited Veterinary Receptionist Award, recently updated to the Certificate in Veterinary Client Care: CertNCS(VCC).

Further to feedback received regarding coach allocation and the marking process, we’ve implemented some new features to better assist you with the challenges of time pressure and staffing turbulence in veterinary practice.

Coach Change Feature

The practice’s Colourful CPD Account Administrator can now update a student’s coach at any point throughout the Silver award/Certificate, without disrupting their work. The Account Administrator can do this via the Manage my Team area of their dashboard, as shown below.

Marking Bypass Feature

When we first launched the Silver level of the Accredited Veterinary Receptionist Award back in 2018, it was setup to allow receptionists to complete the whole level before it went to their coach for marking. Rightly so, the coaches complained that they were overwhelmed having to mark a whole course in one go, and requested we break the marking down into bite size chunks instead. So, we did!

Fast forward to 2020, we launched our brand-new training hub and Silver followed the new marking method above, but then Covid hit and life in practice became very different with even less time to complete CPD. We started receiving requests asking whether a receptionist could move onto the next module before their coach had completed their marking. As a happy medium, we decided to make the modules longer before they needed to be submitted, which allowed the student to get through a good proportion of work before submitting for marking, all without overwhelming the coach.

Now in the present day, everyone is extra eager to complete CPD quicker, but we want to remain respectful to the fantastic in-practice coaches. We’ve therefore put the power in the coaches’ hands, allowing them to let receptionists continue onto the next module of Silver/Certificate, without having to wait for their coach to mark the module they’ve just submitted.

When coaches are notified of marking, they will now be presented with the following options:
Mark Now – mark your students work there and then, so they can proceed onto the next module.
Mark Later – this option allows your student to continue onto the next module, without having to wait for you to mark the current module submitted for marking.

Thank you for taking time to acknowledge this information.

If you have any questions regarding your Colourful CPD account or courses, please email [email protected]. Alternatively, you may find the answer to your question on tour FAQ’s page.

Kind regards, 

Brian & Sophie