Veterinary Nurse Consulting: Core Principles

This 8-webinar series is aimed at veterinary nurses who are keen to begin to include consulting within their clinical role.  It is equally relevant for those veterinary nurses already doing some consulting who would like to expand this or improve their confidence.  The course is a short introduction to consulting; it provides the key skills necessary for veterinary nurses to deliver an effective consulting service, focusing on some of the most common areas with which veterinary nurses are involved and considering how veterinary nurse run consultations can (and should) be charged.

The course includes 2 bonus webinars from Hills that look at how veterinary nurses can incorporate nutrition within their consults as well as how they can help to manage overweight pets.

The course provides 5 hours of CPD and is accredited by ANCVA.

Key Information

Duration / Length 5 hours
Start DateAnytime
Format video
Assessment Type multiple choice questions
Entry Requirements working in veterinary practice
Author / Speaker Steph Writer-Davies, Brian Faulkner, Fiona Marjoram
Cost £100.00 + VAT

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Course Content

This webinar series is a short introduction to the more expanded content within Colourful CPD's Non-Clinical Skills Certificate in Veterinary Nurse Consulting, which is recognised by the post-nominals CertNCS(RVN Cons).

The 8 webinars within this course cover:

  1. An introduction to veterinary nurse consulting and the impact of Schedule 3 and the Veterinary Medicines' Regulations on nurse consulting
  2. The Colourful Nurse consulting model and approach to veterinary nurse consultations
  3. Consultations where patients are being admitted for treatment 
  4. Consultations where patients are being discharged after spending time at the practice 
  5. Post-op check consultations
  6. The essentials of nutrition for veterinary nurses (Hills)
  7. Weight management for veterinary nurses (Hills) 
  8. Charging for veterinary nurse consultations

The course takes the form of webinars followed by multiple choice questions relating to their content and equates to 5 hours CPD.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be confident about: 

  • The impact of Schedule 3 and the Veterinary Medicines' Regulations on veterinary nurse run consultations
  • The 4 outcomes of successful veterinary practice and why they are important
  • The Colourful CPD model of Nurse consulting and how this helps veterinary nurses deliver those 4 outcomes
  • The approach to veterinary nurse consultations
  • The approach to the 3 types of peri-operative consultations, including the common challenges that may be faced in each of these and how to manage them
  • The importance of balanced nutrition and how to advise owners about this
  • The approach to managing overweight pets from the point of view of the nutritional element as well as how to work successfully with owners 
  • The principles of charging for veterinary nurse consultations

What's Next?

Why not progress to the Non-Clinical Skills Certificate in Veterinary Nurse Consulting, recognised by the post-nominals CertNCS(RVN Cons).

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What Our Clients Say

“I enjoyed this introduction to nurse consulting so much, I would happily invest in the full price certificate level. I think it would be really helpful in clinics that want to get nurse consulting off the ground, and add value to those already doing it.”

“I found the webinar on legalities and Schedule 3 in relation to RVNs fantastic and informative. It set my mind at ease when it comes to consulting and knowing we are operating within our legal limits. I also liked the examples of the type of phrases and language we could use when detecting abnormalities and referring them to a vet in order to ensure that we don't get accused of ‘diagnosing’ something we shouldn't.”


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