Veterinary Animal Care Assistant Award - Silver Level

The Silver level of the Veterinary Animal Care Assistant award is delivered as online worksheets which take approximately 25-30 hours to complete. 

Where the Bronze level explores the scope of basic animal care for VCA's in practice, the Silver level helps VCA's develop their practical skills and wider knowledge of veterinary practice.

Please note that some of the content in this course is also covered in Colourful CPD's Accredited Veterinary Receptionist Award as the information is relevant to both roles.

Key Information

Duration / Length 25 hours
Start DateAnytime
Format written
Assessment Type multiple choice questions
Entry Requirements working in veterinary practice
Author / Speaker Brian Faulkner
Cost £150.00 + VAT

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Course Content

Participants will be required to assign a coach within their practice who will verify their worksheets as they complete each section.

Once the individual has completed all the worksheets, and their coach has verified that they are satisfied with their work, they will be awarded the Silver Level of the Veterinary Animal Care Assistant Award and can progress to the Gold level. On completion of the Gold level, the individual will be awarded a Veterinary Animal Care Assistant Award. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be confident about 

  • Animal handling, holding and restraint techniques.
  • Observing and monitoring patients under the direction of a vet and identifying pain, discomfort and analgesia.
  • The importance of sterility, hygiene, infection control and clinical waste within practice.
  • The different types of diagnostic imagery technique used in veterinary practice.
  • Preparing the patient and the theatre for surgical procedures,. 
  • Preparing the prep room for anaesthesia and sedation.
  • What laboratory samples are used in veterinary practice and how some are processed. 
  • The relevance of the PREVENT IT acronym and how it relates to the VCA role.
  • The relevance of the RESOLVE IT acronym and how it relates to the VCA role.
  • The basic skills required to cover reception.

What's Next?

On completion of the Silver award, we would love to see you continue onto the final Gold Level of the Veterinary Animal Care Assistant Award to become an Accredited Veterinary Animal Care Assistant.

What Our Clients Say

I really enjoyed the Silver award as it reassured me that what I do everyday is correct in the eyes of my practice. It was really helpful getting feedback from my coach, and made me realise how much we do everyday as VCA's and just how important our role is. Looking forward to Gold!

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