The Vet Whisperer

The Vet Whisperer programme is currently available free of charge. 

The programme focuses on defining, understanding and developing self-confidence.  Developing self-confidence begins by defining, understanding and dealing with self-doubt. The programme sets out 6 drivers of Self-Doubt (doubt, deadlines, difficulty, disappointment, disagreement and disapproval), all of which are inherent to working in veterinary practice.

Key Information

Duration / Length 3 hours
Start DateAnytime
Format video
Entry Requirements working in veterinary practice, training to work in veterinary practice
Author / Speaker Brian Faulkner

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Course Content

Each webinar is illustrated using examples and context specific to veterinary practice. This course covers wobbles of self-doubt relating to dog spays, as well as recognising the impact of uncertainty when diagnosing the causes of medical symptoms.

I get more email requests (and appreciation) from this programme than any other. The theory I explain is often described as “life-changing”. It’s not my theory – I’ve just adapted it to veterinary practice.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be confident about 

  • What the 6 D’s of Dysphoria are and how they arise in veterinary practice. 
  • The psycho-physiological connections between mind and body and how they impact our wellbeing.
  •  The different types of confidence.
  • The difference between doubt and self-doubt.
  • How mindsets impact upon our tendencies to experience self-doubt or self-confidence.
  • The impact of time pressure on stress and how this relates to the 10 most common reasons why vets run behind during veterinary consultations.
  • Time-savings tactics when performing other tasks in veterinary practice. 

What's Next?

Why not look at completing our Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Consulting (CertNCS: AVC) to expand on your non clinical consultation skills.

What Our Clients Say

“These webinars have been a real help in beginning to understand why I have these feelings and how to adopt a better mindset. I really hope that more people watch the webinars. They’re fantastic!”

“I learnt an awful lot about myself in such a short space of time, recognised the flaws in my beliefs and how they were feeding into my thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. This course gives practical and actionable solutions to apply in day to day life both in and out of work. I'm sure I, and my team, will be better for me having this knowledge. Thanks!”

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