The Perfect Puppy Experience Course

The Perfect Puppy Experience course is aimed at all front of house staff and veterinary nurses who deal directly with puppy owners, either in person or over the telephone, on a daily basis. It covers the entire puppy client journey from start to finish and equips each member of staff to play their role in delivering the perfect puppy experience.

Key Information

Duration / Length 2 hours
Start DateAnytime
Format video
Assessment Type multiple choice questions
Entry Requirements working in veterinary practice
Author / Speaker Louise Jackson
Cost £100.00 + VAT

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Course Content

This course contains a total of 4 modules, covering the following:

  1. Introduction – a brief overview of the course and what you'll learn.
  2. Preparing for the perfect puppy chat.
  3. Delivering the perfect puppy chat.
  4. After the perfect puppy chat.

This course is hosted on behalf of Happy Hounds For Life, as part of their Puppy Friendly Practice Scheme. Click here to find out more.

Learning Objectives

  • To be empowered and equipped to talk confidently to puppy owners about essential areas of their training.
  • To understand every aspect of the puppy client journey.
  • To develop the role you play in the puppy/client journey to a measurable new level.
  • To be able to deliver the perfect puppy experience to all new puppy clients.
  • To have a positive impact on the conversion of puppy owners to long term loyal clients in the practice.
  • To empower your puppy clients to train their puppy in positive, careful and kind ways that will enhance the bond between puppy and owner.
  • To gain increased work satisfaction through how you and your team approach the puppy and client journey from the learnings of this unique CPD experience.

What's Next?

Take your practice puppy experience to the next level by joining the Puppy Friendly Practice scheme

What Our Clients Say

This course is such a valuable source of information for anyone in practice wishing to develop their puppy consults and general knowledge of all things puppy. I can't wait to start using what I've learnt and feel inspired to develop the new puppy client journey at our clinic. Thank you HHFL & Colourful CPD!

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