The Colourful Consultation

The Colourful Consultation is a course that helps vets understand and apply the non-clinical skills needed to achieve the following 4 outcomes during veterinary consultations:

  • Clinical Resolution
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Financial Resolution
  • Colleague Satisfaction

Thousands of veterinary surgeons have used The Colourful Consultation programme in over 20 countries around the world. 

CPD certificates are automatically created on completion of the programme and there is no time limit on the completion of this course.

Key Information

Duration / Length 6 hours
Start DateAnytime
Format video
Entry Requirements working in veterinary practice
Author / Speaker Brian Faulkner
Cost £499.00 + VAT

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Course Content

The Colourful Consultation consists of 20 webinars that cover the non-clinical skills required to conduct each of the 5 types of consultations within first-opinion companion animal veterinary practice. 

  1. The Primary Consultation
  2. The Follow-up Recheck Consultation
  3. The Long-term Medication Consultation
  4. The Euthanasia Consultation
  5. The Preventative Healthcare Consultations/vaccinations

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Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course you will be confident about how to prepare for and deliver each of the 5 most common types of veterinary consultation in first opinion practice. 

Learning objectives relating to the Primary Consultation 

  • Understand how and why how appointment bookings are made impacts the consultation 
  • How to make an excellent first impression – and why this is 'influential'  
  • How to recognise, understand and use “ICEBERGS” 
  • Tips to emphasize your sense of thoroughness during the clinical examination
  • Tips to improve how clients restrain their pets  during the clinical examination
  • The importance of the Problem List
  • Understanding the impact of uncertainty/doubt…and our tendency to allow it to turn into self-doubt
  • How to and how NOT to articulate a Differential Diagnoses list
  • The only 3 clinical resolution strategies that exist in first-opinion practice
  • How to blend consensus-based decision-making with clinical reasoning
  • How to discuss finances and formulate affordable care options for each client
  • Creating estimates and discussing prices, charges, and encouraging payment
  • The impact on follow-up compliance of handing clients back to reception post-consult 

Learning objectives relating to the Follow-Up Re-check Consultation 

  • How to 'take command' of re-check consultations that you didn't see for the primary
  • How to summarise the previous consultation succinctly 
  • The 4 'differential diagnoses' of the unresponsive patient
  • How to 'justify' the follow-up re-check consultation fee to the client 

Learning objectives relating to the Follow-Up Long Term Medical Patient Consultation 

  • How to 'take command' of long-term medical consultations that you haven't seen before 
  • How to track and summarise the patient's previous medical status/care plan succinctly 
  • How to use the Monitor-Measure-Medicate approach for the 20 most common LT medical cases

Learning objectives relating to the Euthanasia Consultation 

  • How to take and be in command of the 'euthanasia ceremony' assertively but compassionately 
  • Summarising the process
  • The major decisions and impact of doing / not doing: sedation? catheterisation? 
  • Anticipating complications
  • Discussing cremation options in a sensitive manner
  • Expressing condolences

Learning objectives relating to the Vaccination / Preventative Healthcare Consultation 

  • Using the PREVENT IT acronym to enable thoroughness / consistency
  • Managing time when the client arrives with a long 'symptoms list' 

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