Promoting your Preventative Healthcare Plan (Managers)

Preventative healthcare plans are a common, if not an essential tool required in order to achieve widespread client compliance with preventative healthcare on an ongoing basis.  Furthermore, it is has been repeatedly demonstrated that clients whose pets are a member of a practice's healthcare plan, consistently spend more per annum than clients who have not signed up to the healthcare plan.  This increased spend isn’t simply a reflection of the increased commitment to preventative healthcare products and services; it reflects the stronger bond clients have with the practice which results in more frequent visits when their pets are ill or injured.

Whilst most practices have some form of Preventative healthcare plan nowadays, many struggle to achieve significant rates of penetration amongst their patient base. 

Key Information

Duration / Length 1 hours
Start DateAnytime
Format video
Assessment Type multiple choice questions
Entry Requirements working in veterinary practice
Author / Speaker Brian Faulkner
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Course Content

This tutorial will show practice leaders, practice managers and head vets, as well as anyone else involved in operations management within veterinary practice, some of the common reasons why veterinary practices do not achieve as many signups as they would like.

Clients usually needs 3 “nudges” in order to sign up to the healthcare plan. We refer to these as the ‘introducer’, the ‘influencer’ and the ‘finisher’. Whilst it is possible for the same person to introduce, influence and complete the sign up of a healthcare plan during the same conversation, practices need to work as a team to achieve significant rates of penetration across their entire patient base, whereby each role is trained to tactically contribute as an introducer, influencer or finisher according to when and how they are interacting with the client.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be confident about 

  • The benefits of healthcare plans to patients, clients and the practice
  • How to coach your various colleague roles when discussing and recommending healthcare plans at different stages of the clinical-client journey.

What's Next?

Go forth feeling confident when discussing and promoting your preventative healthcare plan. 

What Our Clients Say

A helpful tutorial as always, thank you.

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