Pricing and Management Accounts

This short course is relevant to anyone involved in pricing and management accounts at their practice. It consists of two webinars worth 1 hour of CPD. 

Key Information

Duration / Length 1 hours
Start DateAnytime
Format video
Entry Requirements working in veterinary practice
Author / Speaker Brian Faulkner
Cost £100.00 + VAT

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Course Content

The first webinar covers the principles and tactics of pricing and charging including mark-ups and margins.   

The second webinar looks at the management accounts, including how to read and understand the profit and loss sheet and the balance sheet. This webinar also covers the 'differential diagnoses' of high cost of sales, and high staff costs and overheads. It finishes with a simple but very useful algorithm that all practices managers should know that helps them conceptualise, diagnose, and decide which specific areas they need to address, and how to improve their practice’s financial performance.

Please note that this course is one of the many modules within our popular Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management: CertNCS (VPM). 

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be confident about 

  • The principles and tactics involved in veterinary pricing.
  • How to correctly charge clients.
  • How mark-ups and margins are calculated and assessed 
  • How to read the profit and loss sheet.
  • How to read the balance sheet.
  • The 'differential diagnoses' of high costs of sales, staff and overheads.
  • The specific areas within practice that need to be addressed and how to improve practices' financial performance.

What's Next?

More detailed information on this topic can be found as part of our popular Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management: CertNCS (VPM). Also available in an Irish version!

What Our Clients Say

This short course was presented well, the information was clear and I've taken away new knowledge that I will use in my role as practice manager. 

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