Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management: CertNCS(VPM)

This certificate is appropriate to those who have worked in the veterinary profession before and are now moving into management or those who have worked as a manager outside of the veterinary profession and now work within veterinary practice.

It provides a grounding in the legal, theoretical and procedural skills that are required to really understand and manage a veterinary practice. Please be aware that this is not a generic management course marketed as a course in Veterinary Practice Management. If a veterinary practice management course doesn't discuss the Laws and Regulations that govern the veterinary profession and how they impact day-to-day operational systems….it isn't really a course on 'Veterinary' Practice Management. It is just a business course that covers the standard fair of Marketing, HR, Finance & Accounts etc.  See further information below about what is covered in this course to help you understand the difference.

This course examines your understanding of the content and on completion you will be entitled to use the post-nominals CertNCS(VPM).

You will work through each module at your own pace and at the end of each module, you submit it for marking by our external examiner. It equates to a minimum of 25 hours CPD and on completion you will receive an official certificate of achievement via post. 

Key Information

Duration / Length 25 hours
Start DateAnytime
Format video, written, theory
Assessment Type multiple choice questions, reflective questions
Entry Requirements working in veterinary practice
Author / Speaker Brian Faulkner
Cost £999.00 + VAT

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Course Content


Introduction to the Veterinary Profession

  • Understanding The veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 including Schedule 3 Exemptions.
  • Introduction The Colourful CPD Philosophy and the Clinical-Client journey (aka CCJ)

CCJ 1: Pre-Clinical Stages: Marketing: (Generating Contact and Consults)

  • Regulations relating to marketing
  • Incoming Client Contact Communications
  • Understanding and applying GDPR to veterinary practice: how and when
  • Outgoing Client Contact Communications: Emails; Social; Reminder systems
  • Retaining existing clients – Key principles and practices

CCJ 2: Clinical Stages: Ops Management (Supporting Consultations and Operations)

  • Understanding how managers support both macro and micro clinical systems
  • Supporting Preventative Healthcare systems using PREVENT IT policies
  • Running, promoting and reconciling your Preventative Healthcare Plan 
  • Supporting Clinical Resolution systems using RESOLVE IT policies
  • Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2013 and how this relates to the VMD/PSS Inspection Criteria for Veterinary Practices
  • Other Regulations relating to clinical practice; Ionising Radiation; Clinical Waste Regs
  • Overview of the RCVS Practice Standard Scheme

CCJ3 Post-Clinical Stages: Financial Ops (Facilitating Payments)

  • Understanding macro (profit) versus micro (payment systems) financial systems
  • Anticipating Payment issues
  • Cash Reconciliation and Banking
  • Managing debtors included PHP

Human Resources for in-practice / operations Managers

  • Regulations relating to employment and H&S; “The Big Six” Regs 
  • Recruitment; advertising, interviewing and selecting 
  • Induction of a new employee
  • L&D, and the role of appraisals and practice meetings
  • How to have effective learning and development conversations
  • Recruitment and when colleagues leave your employment
  • Social engagements (Christmas party, summer BBQ, other events)

IT systems and the practice management system

Personal development, mental strength and wellbeing for veterinary practice managers

  • Resilience and Positive Mental Health
  • Resilience: Purposeful thoughts
  • Resilience: Positive emotions
  • Resilience: Productive behaviours
  • Happiness
  • Confidence
  • Understanding vulnerability and Negative Mental Health
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Exhaustion, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be confident about 

  • The Regulatory structure of the UK Veterinary Profession.
  • The Pre-Clinical, the Clinical, and the Post-Clinical stages of the Clinical-Client journey 
  • Regulations that are relevant to veterinary practice including GDPR, Health & Safety, Employment Law, and other regulations such as The Vet Meds Regs. 
  • Financial systems; payment reconciliation, and managing debtors.
  • HR including recruitment, induction, appraisals, learning & development and social engagements.
  • Personal development and maintaining your personal wellbeing as a practice manager.

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