Client Care Advisors / Receptionists

Professional credibility and respect start with a NAME….

Traditionally Veterinary Client Care Advisors have been referred to as receptionists. However, colleagues who work in veterinary client care consistently remark that they perceive the term receptionist as outdated, as it fails to represent the breadth of knowledge and skill required to work in veterinary practice. ​

That is why most of the major employers within the veterinary profession, both in the UK and the USA, refer to their colleagues who work in client care as Client Care Advisors/Associates or Client Service Representatives.

Colourful CPD is currently working through our existing course content to ensure that it refers to colleagues who work in veterinary client care roles as Client Care Advisors, abbreviated to CCA’s.

Professional credibility and respect continue with a QUALIFICATION

The content within Colourful CPD’s highly popular Accredited Veterinary Receptionist Award (over 10,000 sold in over 20 countries) has been the mainstay of CCA education in the UK for the last 5 years. And things are about to get even better…

The Accredited Veterinary Receptionist Award has been upgraded to a Certificate in Veterinary Client Care, CertNCS(VCC). Completion of this qualification allows you to become a Registered Veterinary Client Care Advisor sooner than before!

We have also introduced a brand new qualification called the Diploma in Veterinary Client Care DipNCS(VCC) for senior CCA’s or CCA Team Leaders.

So, how does it work? Historically, the Accredited Veterinary Receptionist Award has been completed over 3 levels; Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Our new range of qualifications are also structured over 3 levels as follows…

Core Standards in Veterinary Client Care

  • Formerly The Bronze Level of the Accredited Veterinary Receptionist Award. ​
  • Available in Companion Animal, Equine and Farm Animal versions.​
  • Practice membership not necessary. ​
  • Price £30+VAT.
  • 5 hours CPD.

Certificate in Veterinary Client Care: CertNCS (VCC)

  • Formerly The Silver & Gold Levels of the Accredited Vet Receptionist Award.
  • Available in Companion Animal and Equine species.​
  • Eligible to use the Post-Nominals CertNCS(VCC) upon completion.​
  • Automatic registration as a Registered Veterinary Client Care Advisor with ANCVA (more info below).​
  • Eligible to use the Post-Nominals RVCCA upon registration. Meaning completers will become [Name] CertNCS(VCC), RVCCA.​
  • Price £250+VAT – this includes ANCVA examination fees, hardcopy certificate, status badge and lifelong RVCCA registration with ANCVA.
  • 25 hours CPD.

Diploma in Veterinary Client Care: DipNCS (VCC)

  • NEW highest level qualification for senior CCA’s and/or CCA Team Leaders.​
  • Eligible to use the Post-Nominals DipNCS(VCC) upon completion. Meaning completers will become [Name] DipNCS(VCC), RVCCA​.
  • Price £300+VAT – this includes ANCVA examination fees, hardcopy Diploma certificate and an upgraded status badge from ANCVA.
  • 30 hours CPD.

The CertNCS(VCC) and DipNCS(VCC) Qualifications have Triple-A Credibility Rating


A course is only as credible as its author’s qualifications, experience, and professional reputation.

The CertNCS(VCC) and DipNCS(VCC) are authored by Brian Faulkner, BSc (Hons), BVM&S, CertGP(SAM), CertGP(BPS), MBA, MSc(Psych),FRCVS; Associate Professor of Veterinary Business, Nottingham University Veterinary School.

Brian has set up 6 veterinary practices from scratch and works alongside and supports CCA’s every day in practice, which includes training CCA’s who are new to the profession.


Accreditation is only as credible as the impartiality of the body that accredits it, the rigor of its accreditation process, and the professional status of the accreditation personnel.

The CertNCS(VCC)and DipNCS(VCC) are accredited by RACE, and awarded by the Association of Non-Clinical Veterinary Accreditation (ANCVA).

RACE is the most respected accrediting body of veterinary CPD in the world.


The ultimate evaluation of any product comes from the customers who use it.

The CertNCS(VCC), formerly known as the Accredited Veterinary Receptionist Award, has received an average feedback rating of just under 5/5 from the thousands of customers who have rated it.

CCA’s enjoy the highly engaging video-format webinars, which incorporate fantastic animations that demonstrate key areas of learning. Practice managers love the fact that the material can be customised to their practice protocols.

Professional credibility and respect are reinforced by a professional REGISTRATION

Qualified CCA’s should be recognised for their efforts, dedication, and desire to improve their competence and professionalism.

Therefore, upon completion of their Non-Clinical Skills Certificate in Veterinary Client Care: CertNCS(VCC), a CCA will be automatically enrolled onto the Register of Veterinary Client Care Advisors (RVCCA), and entitled to use the post-nominals CertNCS(VCC), RVCCA.

Anyone who has already completed the Gold level of the Accredited Veterinary Receptionist award, will also be eligible to join the Register of Veterinary Client Care Advisors.

Registered Veterinary Client Care Advisors will receive an official personalised name badge.

For further information about the 2023 updates to our client care courses, please click here.