In-Practice Training

At Colourful CPD we offer a range of in-practice support. Take a look at the options below to see how we can help.

Find out more and book:

Price: £2,500+VAT

This includes all travel and accommodation expenses.

Colourful CPD Day

A Colourful CPD Day for the whole team includes 4 x 2 hour sessions, starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm.

Most practices have a session with each of the roles in practice; vets, nurses, receptionists and management – but this can be adjusted to suit your needs.


Sessions available for Vets are:

  • The Colourful Consultation –  communication with clients that helps increase the vets confidence.
  • Driving financial productivity – The 4 variables which determine the average spend per client per year are Pricing, Estimating, Charging and Clinical Proactivity.


A 2 hour session which covers all of the below regarding nurse consultations:

  • The Colourful Nurse consulting model
  • Categorising the 25 different veterinary nurse consultations
  • Understanding Schedule 3 during consultations
  • Charging for veterinary nurse consultations

Customer Care Advisors

A 2 hour session which covers the CCA’s involvement in the pre and post-clinical stages within the Clinical-Client journey.

  • Recruiting and registering clients – especially when they call around for prices
  • Converting ‘Contact-to-Consult’
  • Managing the appointments-schedule on the practice management system
  • Face to face communication and interaction with clients
  • Asking for payment and ensuring follow-up


A 2 hour session covering whichever areas the management team wishes to discuss, such as:

  • Financial productivity and profitability
  • Marketing
  • Employee management

Some practices duplicate sessions in order to facilitate all members of staff being able to attend whilst others are ‘covering the shop’​.

Find out more and book:

Price: £2,500+VAT

This includes all travel and accommodation expenses.

Vet Consultation Observations

Brian has observed over 1,000 veterinary consultations as part of his Colourful Consultation coaching.

Each vet is observed consulting for 2 hours with alternate consultations blocked-out to make time for feedback. In other words, the session lasts for around 4-5 consultations.

Brian understands how potentially uncomfortable this can be for vets and that some vets worry that they are being examined, judged or tested. Vets may also worry that the client will think they have done something wrong, or need to be supervised, when they see someone in the room making notes. In reality, Brian has found that clients think the opposite. They often assume he is an inspector and most are then quick to point out how good they believe the practice is and usually ‘this vet in particular’.

Every now and again someone thinks that Brian is a student seeing practice…which he likes as he’s often older than the client in the room.

Either way, Brian takes the view that if after the 2-hour session, the vet does not feel that it was useful and constructive, Brian concludes he has not done his job well! This should be a positive experience and 99% of the vets that have it, appreciate the help it gives.
In fact, Brian normally finds that 99% of the vets he observes clearly ‘know their stuff’. Many just need to be reassured that they do. Many also benefit from a little guidance on the psychology behind how they explain it. For example, clients believe that a vet sounds much more credible if they say, “The most common causes of this symptom are A, B and C”, compared to saying “These symptoms could be caused by A, B or C”. The exact same information said in a much more assertive manner.

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